The XCO-TRAINER, briefly called XCO is an aluminum tube which is two third filled with a highly specialized shale granular substance. The XCO is a dynamic swing dumb-bell. 


By swinging the XCO the loose mass needs to accelerated and decelerated by muscular strength. The granular substance follows the impulse but slightly delayed. This creates the XCO EFFECT. 


What is the XCO EFFECT?

When XCOs are moved the loose mass reacts delayed. The bounce of the granular substance hits just when accelerating to the other direction. So the user must absorb the rebound PLUS move the mass. Moving the XCO back and forth gives a reactive impact. That means there’s an impact to your deeper muscles, sinews, ligaments, joints and collagen. That’s why we call it XCO: X-cellent COllagen.

Other then training with standard “dead” dumb-bells XCO TRAINING is joint-friendly. The granules have different sizes and therefore move with different speed. As a result they reach their final positions at slightly different moments and the bouncing energy is spread over those moments. Also, the loose mass absorbs a big part of kinetic energy.

As the loose mass builds up momentum, the movement  of the granules from one end of the XCO to the other can be felt and heard and indicates to the user that it has been properly activated. That enables you to keep your moving quality constantly on a high level – even when jogging or walking.

Training with XCOs is more demanding but also much more effective than conventional training. A study from University of Nuremberg (Germany) found out that XCO WALKING respectively XCO RUNNING increases the heart rate by 23%, oxygen uptake by 32% and energy consumption by 33%.