...experience the full XCO® EFFECT!

A series of rhythmic, controlled swings activates the momentum of the XCO-TRAINER. As its internal oscillating mass is propelled back and forth, the resultant dynamic interplay of motions generates a REACTIVE IMPACT.

On the level of the actual musculature, the oscillating motion of the XCO-TRAINER promotes muscle balance by working out opposing muscle groups simultaneously – as for example, biceps (arm crunches) and triceps (arm stretches). Because of this "co-contraction" of opposing muscles, the joints are protected, while promoting a balanced and holistic workout.


Step 1Attach hand straps to XCO-TRAINERS. 

Step 2: Insert hand into XCO-TRAINER hand strap.  While keeping your hand in an open position, firmly adjust the strap.

Step 3 Proceed to run or walk as you normally would, at first allowing your XCO-TRAINERS to swing easily alongside your body.  Good posture is important. At this point, the oscillating mass of the granules has not yet been activated!

Step 4: First impact - using short, controlled movements, activate the oscillating mass by swinging it upwards. Keep your elbows bent, as in a normal walking or running position.

Step 5: While slightly rotating your upper body, swing the XCO-TRAINERS back and forth so that the oscillating masses are displaced from one end of the XCO-TRAINERS to the other. Lower your shoulders slightly while continuing to walk or run. Your shoulder muscles start working.

Step 6: Continue to move your arms while walking. Adjust the duration and intensity of your workout according to your personal fitness level.

Step 7: Integrate XCO WALKING & RUNNING exercises into your workout routine. Suitable for both stationary and ambulatory workouts, these exercises promote a steady heart rate.